Hi, I'm Kevin. I make awesome things

I'm a freelance programmer specialized in web development.
I work primarily with HTML5 and CSS3, but am also proficient in PHP and Javascript.

  • Love
  • Coffee
  • Code


I spend most of the free time I get tinkering with code. I always try to add something more to my websites, and offer the best quality to my clients, usually at very low prices. I am currently making an effort to learn more about the programming languages ​​I am interested in.

Freelance work

I have been hired for multiple projects, ranging from personal websites to LEET and CoC communities for usually low prices. In some cases, I have performed work and cooperation at no cost. I have experience in programming and positioning in SEO, very useful for small communities that are starting recently.


I assume multiple leadership positions, interacting with large communities and always being there to help the most needy and solve problems quickly. You can find me in LEET servers as helper and several CoC clans, assuming different unique responsibilities.

Skills that stand out

After seeing several of my projects these are the skills that most highlight me
and that I usually include in most of my available projects.

  • Fast shipping

    The times I have been asked to perform some of my projects I have delivered the products in less than a week, taking consideration and using much of my free time.

  • Responsive design

    I have always created websites that automatically adapt to the screens of a mobile device and computers, solving problems where the content fits.

  • Reduce code

    Every time I create something I try to use the less amount of code possible, maintaining the quality and content of the website and offering a faster load to the client.

  • Best support

    After completing any of my projects I am willing to continue offering support in case of problems with the installation or anything unrelated to the work.

  • Work with love

    I work with affection, always thinking about the needs of my clients. I like working hard security, and that's why I always keep in mind this point.

  • Custom Design

    Let me know every detail you would like to include in your project and I will try to do my best to do it. I will be happy to know what you need during the work.

Get In Touch

Would you like to talk, have any questions or just need support? Feel free to pop me an email using the following button and I will contact you ASAP.